Palm Oil and Acne

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Palm Oil and Acne

This short article will explain the link between Palm Oil and Acne, based on my personal experience.


When did I suspect Palm Oil to cause Acne Problems ?

When I was a teenager, I started to have acne, like most teenagers. I was very annoyed by this problem.

Once, one of my friend told me that she stopped eating Chocolate Spread and that she didn't have any acne anymore thanks to this lifestyle change.

Chocolate Spread tastes good, but I decided to try to stop it too and indeed, after I stopped eating it, my skin condition got better.

Later, I still had some Acne, but less than back when I was eating Chocolate Spread. That's when I found out that stopping eating any kind of product which contained Palm Oil was solving the problem for good.


What happens if I consume Palm Oil just a bit ?

If I eat anything containing Palm Oil without knowing it, when I'll wake up the day after, I'll have at least one pimple on my face.


How to avoid Palm Oil ?

At first it was not easy to avoid Palm Oil because it was everywhere, and back when I was a teenager, I was not buying food by myself, so I still had some skin trouble.

Now, as an adult, I check everything I buy in the supermarket, I read all ingredients and if I see "Palm Oil", I don't buy it. And I can tell I've never been so proud of my skin condition.


You want to get rid of acne too ?

Everyone is different and not everybody have acne for the same reason. I guess you already tried many things, but if you didn't know about everything I just wrote, please try to stop eating Palm Oil for a while and check if it's getting better or not.

I think there are other aliments which can cause acne, but I think it depends of people. I wrote about Palm Oil because it is my first enemy. 

If you search on the internet, you'll find some interesting testimonials of people talking about Palm Oil effects on skin condition.


Palm Oil in general

At first I was hating Palm Oil only because of what it did to my skin, but now I think it's a larger problem than esthetic. 

Palm Oil production also causes massive deforestation, which is another story I might talk about in the future.




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